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  •           2017 WINNERS

  •           2017 WINNERS

  •           2017 WINNERS

  •           2017 WINNERS








    Congratulations to all National and International Finalists

    The 2017 National Edition and International Challenge evaluations are completed.

    The volunteer Communities in Bloom judges visited with dedicated people, evaluated great communities and witnessed civic pride at its best:

    “Within the context of climate change and environmental concerns, all those involved in
    the Communities in Bloom program can be proud of their efforts,
    which provide real and meaningful environmental solutions and benefit all of society.”

    Thank you, and congratulations, to all the elected officials, municipal staff, local stakeholders, citizens and volunteers involved in making their communities better places to live in, to work in and to visit.

    Be proud and celebrate your achievements!

    The results will be announced at the Awards Ceremonies on September 15 and 16 in Ottawa-Gatineau held in conjunction with the National Symposium on Parks and Grounds.

    We invite all communities to join us in celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary.



    Bob Lewis,
    National Chair



    Welcome to the 23rd Edition of Communities in Bloom.

    The 2017 Communities in Bloom program includes the Provincial and National Editions, the International Challenge along with promotional and educational programs offered by our sponsors and partners.

    We invite all our network of communities, throughout Canada and our international network to join us in celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary.

    Communities in Bloom is proud to be involved in MosaiCanada 150 / Gatineau 2017, an exhibition of mosaïculture artwork to celebrate the Canadian Confederation, the Founding Peoples, the First Nations and our Canadian Heritage.

    The 2017 National Symposium and Awards Ceremonies will be held in Ottawa/Gatineau, National Capital Region, in  partnership with the National Capital Commission with the theme of “Communities and green spaces … celebrating Canada 150.

    On behalf of the Board of Directors of CiB, I would like to thank all those involved in the continued success of the organization.  The commitment of local, provincial and national volunteers, the support of elected officials and staff of municipalities, the dedication of our volunteer judges, staff and organizations along with the contribution of our sponsors and partners are helping to make our communities cleaner, greener, more environmentally sound and better places to live in, work in and to visit.

    Let us proudly celebrate together Canada’s 150th Anniversary


    Bob Lewis
    National Chair

    Communities in Bloom is a Canadian non-profit organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement and the challenge of a national program, with focus on enhancing green spaces in communities.


    Canada’s 150th Anniversary

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